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Change your health to become the best version of YOU!

Does being healthy feel overwhelming & hard?

Do you want to feel better, but time, energy, and money make it difficult?

Do you know what to do to be healthy but have a hard time sticking with it?

Have you tried to reduce your stress but still feel drained?

Are you afraid that “getting healthy” will be more work than its worth?

Have you been made to feel “crazy” about your health concerns by professionals, friends or family?

Do you lack the energy and motivation you once had?

Have you tried diets & health tactics but nothing really works?

Are you afraid you'll have to give up things you love in order to be truly health?

Do you struggle with imbalanced moods and feeling like you aren't who you used to be?

Do you feel unmotivated to get healthy?

You know you are called to greatness

Don't let your health stop you.

The You Are Well Health Collaborative membership leads you from weary & overwhelmed to strong, confident, and capable.

Get Direction

Identify what's really at the root of your health complaints and find your unique path to restored mental and physical health.

Make Effective Changes

Put what you learn to practice by setting goals and making changes that feel comfortable and manageable in your life.

Be Supported

Connect with professionals and peers for support, ideas, and accountability that will help you become your best self.

What makes us different?


Our emphasis is on well-rounded and comprehensive look at health instead of a one-directional approach.


We do not promote a one-size-fits-all program.We believe health happens one step at a time at the pace that is right for you.


We want to help you find enjoyment and pleasure in health rather than feeling restricted and limited in your life.


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Could one of these be your future

Success Story?

I have learned from Rebekah more about how proper nutrition can truly heal and how life can be lived without just masking symptoms, but by truly dealing with the root causes. Rebekah is so knowledgeable about the human body as a whole, and therefore her advice and guidance is perfect for anyone who is ready to look at their symptoms holistically and start down the track to whole body health!
– Emily B.

As someone who has struggled with my health, weight and digestive issues for most of my life, I felt like I had tried it all and had become quite discouraged. After working with You Are Well for only a couple months, I have already seen an amazing transformation in my body and learned so much. Rebekah has helped me to uncover the root causes of my symptoms and provided me with practical tools, education and suggestions to improve my overall wellbeing.
– D.B.

Before working with Rebekah, my heath was hit or miss. I had mild to severe allergies, and dealt with fluctuating weight gain. She taught me how to improve my health without having to completely cut out the food I love. And I am no longer on any allergy medication. My skin, body, and mind have never felt so great! I highly recommend Rebekah for anyone looking to improve their overall well being through diet.
– Geri M.

Don't settle for “just okay”! Be better. Be restored.

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