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How to combat stress & get healthy

Episode 003

We all face stress, at least to some degree. Whenever we’re under stress, it impacts our digestion, and if we experience stress for any extended period of time, the changes to our digestion can begin to influence all of our health. In this episode, I’m sharing the science behind what I call the “stress-food-mood cycle.” You’ll learn how stress can lead to digestive issues, which can in turn lead to challenges with our mood and our emotions, and you’ll discover some basic steps you can take to combating the negative effects of the stress-food-mood cycle.

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Episode Highlights:

  • What the stress-food-mood cycle is and who may be effected by it.
  • How the body responds to and changes under stress.
  • The effect of stress on digestion and nutrition.
  • The effect of digestion on mental health.
  • The effects of mental health and hormones on digestion and stress.
  • Top 4 tips to start taking steps to get out of a stress-food-mood cycle.

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