A Conversation with Emily Brown

Episode 007

When it comes to health, fear is everywhere! From life-threatening illnesses sick to the serious side effects of medications, or the dangers of plastics to conflicting research on supplements, fear-driven tactics are all around us. Fear of health issues can be stressful and it’s easy to be conflicted between what we feel we have to do vs what we want to do. In the end, the answers often seem like a powerless compromise. Whether you’re faced with a serious health issue or simply trying to make the best decisions to keep your family healthy, fear should not dictate your choices. Instead, you can feel empowered, educated and supported in order to make confident decisions for the best health.

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Episode Highlights:

  • Emily’s story and how she got into natural health.
  • How both natural and conventional health can provoke fear-driven decisions.
  • Finding a balance between natural and mainstream lifestyles.
  • Types of responses to fear.
  • 5 steps to overcoming fear and taking back the power in your health decisions.

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