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I remember when I first started to read in kindergarten. I was so excited to scan the newspaper and see words such as “the” that I recognized.

Then when I was ready, I discovered the exciting world of chapter books and the fun adventures I could experience through them. Then in high school, my English teacher encouraged us to break away from some of the “fluff” we were reading in our free time and to explore the classics. I decided to follow her advice and picked up The Count of Monte Cristo. Reading has become a form of relaxation for me, the basis of my job, and the means for learning and pursuing an education. But without starting at “the” and “cat,” I would never have experienced all that reading afforded me. Each step and each part of the process was necessary, and I am still learning new words all the time!

In the same way, we are all on a journey toward living a healthier lifestyle, and we are all at different places. Here at You Are Well, we celebrate you for making the decision to make the journey regardless of where you are. As you join us, we want you to know what you will find here.

Confidence, not guilt.

You are an intelligent human being capable of making smart decisions for yourself and your family. We hope to provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions about your family’s health. More than anytime in the past, we have to make so many decisions on a daily basis, and we only have so much time in the day. We cannot do everything perfectly, and it can be so easy to carry around guilt for everything we know that we could do better. You don’t have the time or energy for that, so give it up, and move on with confidence knowing you’re doing the best you can with the time, energy, and resources you have available.

Support, not judgment.

We have all seen it happen. That one unsuspecting mom posts a question on a forum or group that makes us say, “Oh no,” and reach for a bowl of popcorn to watch the inevitable fireworks. While it may be entertaining to watch from a distance, it is no fun to be the recipient of unkindness and judgment from someone else who has a different belief or practice. We hope to gather a tribe of women who help and encourage each other as they journey toward health regardless of how different each journey looks.

Open-mindedness, not dogma.

Most likely we have all heard or experienced that “never” and “always” are harmful words to use in relationships as in “You never take out the trash.” Those words can also be harmful on your health journey. “Never” and “always” are also overwhelming words to follow as in “You should never take antibiotics” or “you should always shower in filtered water.” Here at you You Are Well, we want to provide you with good information and with “good,” “better,” and “best” options that you can manage with your unique lifestyle.

Progress, not perfection.

Whether giving up soda is the first step on your journey to natural or preparing more lacto-fermented foods is, we can all learn a lesson from the “Tortoise and the Hare” and remember that “slow and steady wins the race.” If you are moving forward, you are winning! We are not exactly sure what “perfect” looks like, but we’re pretty sure none of us here has achieved it. What we do have in common is the fact that we are always looking for ways to improve.

So, if you’re ready for confidence, open-mindedness, support, and progress, you’ve come to the right place!


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