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You Are Well Health Membership


Go from weary & overwhelmed to strong, confident & capable!

The health symptoms that you’ve come to accept as “normal” don't have to bog you down and limit your life anymore.

It may seem like you can push through and survive this, but what if things keep getting worse? It's time to give your health the attention it deserves.

Better is possible. Better is necessary. Better is everything to your future.

Are you ready to take the first step?

Find your unique path to better mental & physical health!

  • Eliminate overwhelm and get clear direction.

  • Take manageable steps that produce quick results.

  • Enjoy delicious, satisfying food that creates health.

  • Build a community that supports and encourages you.

Before you know it, you'll be feeling like YOU again!

Membership Includes


Articles and videos created for busy women so you get the information you need to stop doing all the wrong things (that we've been taught are right), and actually make changes that work!

Recipes & Resources

Tools that make it easy for you to implement what you learn, including recipes for meals you'll LOVE, meal plans for your whole family, and printable guides to keep you on track.


No one-size fits all approach here! You'll learn how to customize things to work for you, your life, and your health issues.

Faith, Fitness & Friends

From small groups and Bible studies to yoga classes, we'll be supporting your health holistically!


isn’t about figuring out one issue and making the symptoms go away.

It’s a comprehensive look at how everything ties together.

It's discovering the root problems, asking why they are there, and taking steps to

bring your health back into balance.


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