My kitchen is off-limits and here's why

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At this very moment, there 4 guys in my kitchen striping down my cabinets and all my efforts and hard work to refinish them.


Because I took on a DIY project based on information I learned from online resources.

I read what felt like was a gazillion articles. Every possible opinion and every possible perspective to get the most well-rounded knowledge of this project.

It should have been fail-safe. I did everything right. Or so I thought.

The problem is that I didn’t know to ask what I didn’t know anything about. One small piece of information is what made the difference between success and utter failure.

So, I am currently taped out of my kitchen and paying people to undo the backbreaking, sweat-generating work that I spent five very long, very tiring days doing.

Talk about a pit in my stomach and a huge sigh of disappointment.

Are you wondering why I'm sharing this story with you? I'm sharing it because this experience has reminded me of the exact place so many of my clients have come from. After months, maybe even years, of reading and researching and doing it themselves, they feel farther from answers and farther from the end result than ever before.

There's so much information online about pretty much any topic, including health. Some of it is accurate, and depending on what you’re facing, you could possibly find the answers. But there is a big IF with this approach… IF you know all the questions to ask in order to find every.single.piece of information you need to know. If you don’t, missing even one small piece of information could make or break your efforts.

My goal is to provide comprehensive programs that help take the guess work out of online programs in order to get people to the most well-rounded and complete picture of their health. These types of programs take time to develop and I wish I could get them out faster. So much to do, so little time.

While I’m busy working on these programs, I know there are many of you who know you need more than internet DIY therapies. As I'm inspired by own challenges with my kitchen, and my relief that someone was able to come to my rescue (and provide a much better service that I ever could have done for myself), I’m working to create some services that will be available very soon. You're all on my mind and I want so badly to be able to do more right now….because no one should be stuck in “I thought I was doing everything right.”


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