How to Get Your Kids to Eat Healthy

Episode 026

When you think of a kid’s diet, you may imagine all the foods you wish you could eat on a regular basis. Pizza, chicken nuggets, cookies, potato chips, mac and cheese, and ice cream. As adults, we are often led to believe that kids just do not want to or like to eat healthy. However, the fact is, kids can and do like healthy food. It is a myth that kids are incapable of being healthy eaters who enjoy things like vegetables. In this podcast episode, Rebekah discusses the myths around kids and healthy eating. She discusses what kids really need in their diets in terms of nutrients, including food choices that are great for kids. She also gives strategies to help parents improve their child’s diet in a way that kids can begin to naturally eat and enjoy healthy foods.

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Episode Highlights:

  • Discussing the stigma around kids and healthy eating.
  • Myths regarding kids and their nutritional needs.
  • What types of foods should be prominent in a kid’s diet.
  • How to get kids eating healthier and interested in healthy eating.

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