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The Decline of Your Health & Ways to Take Control

Episode 008

Adrenal fatigue is becoming a modern society epidemic, and it’s robbing us of our health. Unfortunately, we often don’t realize we are experiencing adrenal fatigue syndrome until we are well into the more advanced stage. That’s not because there are no signs, but rather because the signs of the early stages have become just plain normal in our society. We can start by identifying adrenal fatigue as what it really is: stress. This stress is an overload on our adrenals and the impact is a spirally decline of our health. It’s time to stop adrenal fatigue in its tracks so we can regain control of our health and wellbeing.

Learn the signs & stages of adrenal fatigue, and get tips on how to naturally improve the stress overload.

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Episode Highlights:

  • Why adrenal fatigue is becoming such an epidemic.
  • How adrenal fatigue is really more like adrenal overload.
  • Rebekah’s 5 stages of adrenal fatigue.
  • Lifestyle recommendations for combating and preventing adrenal fatigue.
  • Diet and nutrition recommends for supporting the body during adrenal fatigue.

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