5 Reasons Moms Should Be Pampered and How to Make It Happen

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By Emily Brown, CrunchyMamaScience.com


Hey mama! Do you feel like you haven’t had a minute to yourself, a cup of hot coffee, or a decent piece of chocolate in far too long? We think you deserve more. As moms we sometimes assume we don’t deserve to be pampered. We have kids to feed, families to take care of, and work to do. Who has the time or luxury for stress relief, a self-care plan, indulging in something delicious, or buying yourself something nice? Well, here are five reasons you should make time to go ahead and pamper yourself!

Stressed and tired moms not only need self-care, they deserve it. Moms should be pampered because their health and sanity depend on it. Learn why at You Are Well!

1. You cannot pour from an empty cup

A healthy mom has the energy, motivation, and stamina to be the best she can be for her family and job. An emotionally rested mom has the peace and joy to give her kids all she desires to offer them. Self-care will transfer down to your kids, and you owe it to them to be the woman you were meant to be.

2. Motherhood does not mean martyrdom

It’s easy to think that fitting the “mom” description means you must be tired, unkempt, and eating leftover cold mac n cheese at 8 pm. Do you feel that if you take a minute to yourself you are not giving your kids your all? It’s okay, mama! Being a mother does not mean losing your place as a woman. You do not have to barely be hanging on to be a success. It’s completely necessary to find time to sleep for five extra minutes, go out for a drink with friends, and put on some lip stick.

3. Your health depends on it

Too much stress can be extraordinarily destructive to the human body. In a constant state of stress, your hormones may become unbalanced, your gut may be unhealthy, and this can lead to a myriad of health problems, not to mention the emotional toll it takes on you. Finding small ways to reduce stress, release worry, and just breathe is crucial to your long term health goals.

4. Life is too short not to enjoy

Think about the end of your life—what are you going to look back on and smile about? These are the moments to focus on. Take a little extra time during those moments to enjoy them, and take it all in. This is pampering too; letting yourself enjoy a beautiful moment a little bit longer while leaving the worries and tasks of life behind you is self-care in the simplest sense.

5. Because you’re mom

Whether you are a biological mom, adoptive mom, foster mom, or mom by association, you are the sustainer of tiny humans, the lover of angsty teenagers all over the world, and the most loving and supportive person on this planet. The love of a mother runs so deep, it is impossible to even describe. That, my friends, is worth celebrating. Motherhood is beauty, humility, and love in the most uncomplicated form, and that deserves a little bit of pampering.

So how do we accomplish self-care?

Well, you need some accountability. It’s way too easy to fall into the mom life routine and forget about self-care. The good news is, we have something special for you. Something that will change your life. We are redefining #momlife. Moms Wellness Connection™ is the hub for the support you need to find true wellness, inspirational self-care, and a community of mothers just like you.

Gone are the days when you question every decision you make because you don’t even know what’s healthy anymore. Gone are the days when you feel undernourished, overtired, and are too exhausted to care. Gone are the days when you don’t feel good about your body, but you can barely manage to keep the kids bathed and fed.

The key here is unlocking the treasure chest of information that will guide you down the path to better health, reading the blueprint to finally feeling good about yourself, and getting back on track toward the picture of motherhood you always dreamed of.

We want to invite you to come hang out with us and a village of other amazing mamas in the Moms Wellness Connection™. Our goal is for you to be healthy, live well, and enjoy motherhood to the fullest. This group helps you do that through daily prompts, educational information, and community support.

We are changing the rules and redefining what it means to be “healthy,” and we want you with us! We can’t wait and hope you take the time to indulge, pamper yourself, and celebrate your role as mom.

Tell us in the comments, do you take time to pamper yourself?


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