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You were created to enjoy complete mind-body-spirit wellness, free from the traps of so-called “normal” health challenges. Hosted by Rebekah Fedrowitz, board certified holistic nutritionist, the You Are Well Health Podcast brings you practical and actionable information, expert interviews, and real-life cases that can help you get as healthy as possible.


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004: Hidden Problems in Your Diet…And How to Find Them

HIDDEN PROBLEMS IN YOUR DIET ...and how to find them. Episode 004 Did you know the healthy foods you are eating could be making you feel worse instead of better? Sometimes we have hidden reactions to the very foods we think we should be eating that could be...

003: Stress-Food-Mood

STRESS. FOOD. MOOD. How to combat stress & get healthy Episode 003   We all face stress, at least to some degree. Whenever we’re under stress, it impacts our digestion, and if we experience stress for any extended period of time, the changes to our digestion...

002: How to Use Nutrition to Change Your Health

HOW TO USE NUTRITION TO CHANGE YOUR HEALTH Episode 002 "Food as medicine" is a concept that is rapidly gaining attention, and more and more people are turning to their diet to help with various health conditions. But do you fully understand how nutrition connects with...

001: The Science & The Story of Mind-Body-Spirit Wellness

THE SCIENCE & THE STORY OF MIND-BODY-SPIRIT WELLNESS Episode 001 For me, helping people discover and apply natural health principles isn't just about education and research; it's also about my own personal journey. Learn why everything I teach is founded in both...

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